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This page only provides quick access to other web pages that I am using.  It is not meant to be a pretty website.  It serves to provide links to insert into my main website.

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This is the link to my large website on Gastronomy.

The SITE TABLE can be found here



I have written three books on Gastronomy which you can download in PDF format: 


 Are We Really What We Eat?   (File size: 6.1Mb)

You can find the large diagram "The Final Model" used in this book  here.

Gastronomy   (File size: 14.5Mb)

New Book

My new book on Scottish Gastronomy The Haggis and Other Stories can be found here.  HERE.



I recently wrote an article on Molecular Gastronomy: An Introduction to the Three Ms (File size 906kb)

Another recent article can be found via the link and then “Pubs”.  In the side panel – Garnishes on the Stage

The March edition of Food & Wine includes “Martial Mentions on the Menu”.  Page1Page2


Robert Burns

Read about A Typical Burns Dinner or Supper with a link to a video of the haggis being addressed and stabbed.

A Burns write-up Page1

A Burns write-up Page2


Other interests: 

The Motorcaravan Club  

Leisure pursuits are seen via this link and then go to the Author page.



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